Mississippi Means Water

Are economic advancement and quality of life important? Sustainable use of Mississippi’s abundant water resources can achieve both goals, and you can be a part of that.

Mississippi Means Water: "Mississippi Means Water" plays on the Objiwe language root of our state and river’s name, and it implies all the wonderful things water does for our state.
The Big River, the Gulf, thousands of streams and lakes, and ample water are ours. Living and working in Mississippi means enjoying the benefits of abundant clean water.

Why should you help? Rivers, ports and harbors, coastal and inland waterways, flood control, recreation, water management, water supply, and all uses of water resources are the focus of the Mississippi Water Resources Association (MWRA). Our members are committed to the water-related needs of our citizens – providing economic opportunity and a safe, welcoming place for ourselves and for future generations to live – and you can help.

Water is vital:

  • Water is essential to life. It nourishes our bodies when we drink and when we eat the fruits of the land and sea.
  • Water improves quality of life. Whether we fish, hunt, garden, boat, or simply relax by the water’s edge, Mississippians enjoy unparalleled access to lakes, rivers, estuaries, and the Gulf.
  • Our economic health requires water. From farm fields and ponds statewide to manufacturing sites like Nissan, Severstal, and Toyota, water supply is basic for economic development.
  • Waterborne transportation is an economic engine. Our inland and coastal ports and waterways provide inexpensive, environmentally friendly avenues for shipping our products nationwide and worldwide, by barge and ship.
  • Reducing flood and storm damage is a key element of water management. Flooding from the great Mississippi River, the Gulf, and local streams can devastate communities and farms.

Mississippi uses 3 billion gallons of water per day. Seventy percent of that comes from ground water.
(Source: Mississippi Water Resources Research Institute)

Mississippi Water Resources Association

  • Annual Water Resources Conference -- a forum and educational opportunity for our members, elected and appointed officials, Corps of Engineers, U.S. Coast Guard, consulting engineers, academics, and equipment suppliers.
  • National Budget Summit -- an opportunity for all members to meet with our Washington legislators.
  • MWRA Day at the Mississippi State Capitol -- helps state legislators understand the significance of water resources.
  • Communication liaison -- common challenges concerning water management, flood control, water supply and navigation puts information and solutions in the hands of those who need them.
  • Active participation in the Mississippi Intermodal Council -- generated $20,000,000 for port infrastructure improvements through the State Legislature and the Mississippi Department of Transportation.
  • Mississippi Means Water public education campaign – puts water facts in front of citizens & decision-makers.

Locals plus visitors from all over the nation enjoy our 9 water parks and campgrounds. Our District provides flood control, water management, and recreation for the Pascagoula River basin. It makes our state a great place to live or to visit.
Hiram Boone, Executive Director Pat Harrison Waterway District.

Water Benefits Mississippi


  • $7.5B per year
  • 29% of state workforce


  • Parks - $200M economic impact
    • 8 National Parks
    • 23 State Parks
    • 5 National River Trails
    • 23 Corps of Engineers Parks
  • Fishing – a $500M Mississippi industry
    • One fishing tournament:
    • 50 - 300 Teams
    • 1000’s of spectators
    • $50K - 5M+ economic impact
  • Tourism in Mississippi
    • $2.5B per year
    • 110,000 jobs

Business Location Criteria (SiteSelector.com)

  • Quality of Port Infrastructure
  • Quality of Life – Access to water

Commercial Fishing

  • $150M per year
  • Thousands of jobs

Mega-site Industries' Requirements

  • Abundant water supply
  • Transportation, including ports and waterways

Quality of life - Priceless

From 1996 to 2009, the nation has realized an economic impact of nearly $43 billion from the Tenn-Tom Waterway, a return on investment of seven times its construction cost, according to an independent study by Troy State University.
Bruce Windham, President, Tenn-Tom Waterway Development Council..

MWRA Member Services

  • Email bulletins on timely water issues - especially during the legislative sessions.
  • MWRA Member Directory listing in printed and web versions.
  • Members-only section of the MWRA web page.
  • Semi-annual newsletters on significant happenings and issues.
  • "Ask an expert" service that provides expert advice on member questions.
  • Educational sessions for Professional Development Hours (PDH).
  • Reduced member pricing for annual conference and special events.

How can you contribute?

  • If you have suggestions or questions, use the "Contact Us" button above.
  • Join MWRA. Use a membership application form or sign up online
  • Already a member? Use the web page "Contact Us" button to volunteer for one of our standing committees:
    • Membership
    • Federal Affairs
    • State Affairs
    • Public Relations
    • Ports & Waterways
    • Water Management

Mississippi Water Resources Association promotes the advancement of Mississippi’s rivers, ports, and harbors, coastal and inland waterways, flood control, recreation, water development and management, water supply and all other beneficial uses of water resources