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What do you think of our updated MWRA Website?

Posted: Sep 22, 2016 4:00 PM

What do you think of our updated MWRA Website?
New features include:
  • Any Water related questions?  Ask a Water Expert.
  • Need to view our site in a language other than English - Powered by Google Translate allows many translation options.
  • Would you like to reach MWRA members with advertising - contact us to purchase an ad located in the header of our new Website.

 MWRA Website continues to have the features you appreciate.
  • Join MWRA
  • Annual Conference information
  • Contact Members 
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MWRA is on Facebook and LinkedIn

Posted: Sep 22, 2016 3:56 PM

View Mississippi Water Resources Association's new Facebook and LinkedIn Page.  Visit us today.  Like MWRA and comment. 

Welcome to MWRA

We believe that our association - Mississippi Water Resources Association - is unique. We promote the advancement of Mississippi rivers, ports and harbors, coastal and inland waterways, flood control, recreation, water development and management, water supply and all other beneficial uses of water resources. Water issues are becoming increasingly important to the general public and our organization is made up of members who are committed to meeting the water needs of our citizens, while providing international economic opportunities utilizing our state’s abundant water resources.

Member Benefits

Liaison with Government Bodies

We serve as a resource for information on government regulations and legal issues affecting those we serve.

Industry Knowledge

MWRA cooperates with all industry interests to coordinate resources and share beneficial information.

Educational Seminars and opportunities to network

The most important need of our industry is education.

Legislative Activities

  • Email bulletins - especially during the legislative session
  • Participation in a National Budget Summit - open to all members. The Summit provides an opportunity for us to meet with our Washington legislators.
  • Supporter of and active participant in the Mississippi Intermodal Council. Working with the other modes of transportation MWRA has helped to generate over $34 million for port infrastructure improvements as a result of working with both the State Legislature and the Mississippi Department of Transportation.


There are 16 public ports in MS, contributing $1.4 billion to the State economy.

Levee Board

The MS levee system represents one of the largest systems found in the world.

Water Management

Planning, developing, distributing and managing the use of MS's water resources.